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Candidacy For Hair Transplant Procedure

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Who is the best candidate for hair transplant surgery? Who can receive the procedure with the best cosmetic benefits? And, what is the condition to recommend the hair transplant procedure; these all are the primary relevant questions must be asked by the prospective hair loss patients! The best hair transplant surgeon allows the restoration procedure after evaluating the scalp status both in terms of the present grade of baldness as well as the available donor areas’ strength of the scalp.

Anyone who is affected by the hair loss problem or baldness can receive hair transplant surgery. But, it is advisable to receive the primary consultation in order to know the status of the scalp condition in terms of addressing the progression of hair loss with respect to the stability of donor zone and the requirement of the grafts at the particular stage of NW-baldness.

In this article we will discuss in detail regarding the candidacy of hair transplant surgery as discussed below:

  1. A diagnosis of Androgenic alopecia: It is important to diagnose the case with respect to knowing the actual cause of hair loss. The primary consultation with the expert surgeon will evaluate the reason for hair loss and also a scalp biopsy is recommended if the patient is susceptible to the spot baldness or Alopecia areata. If someone is affected by the Androgenic alopecia or the genetic baldness, the only permanent option gets over the issue of baldness is the hair transplant procedure. And, the hair transplant procedure is recommended to sort out the issue of pattern baldness effectively.
  2. Hair Loss affected the aesthetic appearance: Regardless of a desire to have a surgical hair restoration of hair, there are a number of criteria that should meet by a hair loss patient that will determine that the patient is indeed a hair transplant candidate. If the hair loss affected the patients severely and the top, as well as the frontal hairline, have been receding, it is required to perform the hair transplant surgery. However, the procedure is required when a patient looks and beauty got affected and frontal hairline is looking awkward. Thus, the need for surgical restoration of hair determined by the aesthetic requirement of the patients.
  3. Adequate Donor Hair to satisfy future and present Need: In order to perform the hair transplant procedure, it is very important that the patient must possess a healthy, safe donor area as the grafts are centrally focussed to be extracted only from the safe donor part of the scalp. The hair transplant is a surgical restoration of hair in which surgeon extracts the graft from one area, termed as the door part, to a balding part of the body or scalp is known as the recipient site. This technique is actually a process of restoring the natural hair by extracting the hair roots from the patient’s own scalp. However, there extremely needs for a healthy donor part that will fulfil the requirement of the grafts/hair roots for the implantation process. So, in order to receive hair transplant surgery, the patient must possess a healthy donor supply.
  4. A realistic Expectation: It is important to keep a realistic expectation with respect to available donor strength as well as the need for particular areas of the hair loss/baldness. No one achieves the 100% of desired density and the cosmetic results and so one can expect 70-80% of the success in terms of density as the donor supply is limited over there. Every individual is different and so every case of baldness requires another number of grafts to cover the respective balding areas. Every patient has a different donor supply with a different physiological and anatomical status of the scalp; hence there must be a realistic expectation to achieve the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery.

So, whenever you experience that your hair loss is affecting the aesthetic looks and impacting the personality appeal perversely, it is the time to consult with the hair transplant surgeon.